Empowering parents and guardians to be the heroes of Christmas.

Why We Exist

The Christmas Store serves the local community during the holiday season by creating popup Christmas shops all across the Denver metro area. Families who find themselves in a difficult season of life, are invited to shop for their children’s Christmas gifts at a reduced cost. The Christmas Store partners with local churches, schools and businesses, as well as with individuals in the community, to orchestrate every aspect of the store from start to finish.

The Christmas Store has adopted the motto of providing a hand up to families, rather than a handout. 

We find parents and guardians still desire the dignity that comes along with the act of purchasing their children’s gifts. Therefore, families who shop at the Christmas Store can purchase gifts valued at $25 or more, at the reduced price of $5 each. This preserves dignity while still empowering families to provide for their children at Christmas time.


Journey Church founded the Christmas Store in 2012 with an inaugural shopping event at Bishop Elementary School in Englewood, Colorado. That first year, the store was developed quickly with the specific purpose of serving the immediate needs of families in the Bishop Elementary School community. The impact of the Christmas Store was incredibly powerful. Dozens of families were blessed by the store and in turn, so was Journey Church.

Over the years the Christmas Store has evolved. We have connected with additional church pastors, school administrators and business professionals and have been successful in expanding the Christmas Store to multiple locations. In 2020, the Christmas Store provided gifts for over a thousand children. We look forward to continuing to expand our reach further until we can ensure every child in Colorado has a reason to have a bright smile on their face come Christmas morning.